Rogue carp shot on sight

Perhaps you recall that this blog stands ready to defend northern waters from Asian carp. No blog has been more on the cutting edge of exotic carp awareness than this one, a claim we stand ready to defend by way of jumping out of the water and crashing against the bow of your boat, causing you to go “AAAAAAAH!”

In all seriousness, ecologists have worried about the steady northern migration of “Asian carp,” a variety of carp including several species once haphazardly imported to remove vegetation from selected waters. Their inevitable escape and population boom threatens all manner of native plant and fish life.

Photo: MN DNR via

According to this St. Cloud Times story, a solitary Asian carp was found near Sartell, far more north than any specimen so far. Officials believe this is a random occurrence, not evidence of actual carp expansion to northern waters.

The carp was shot with an arrow. It was then put in a steel cage and hung from the town square so birds could pick at its bones.

Check that. Shot with an arrow. That’s all. Still a pretty hardcore way to deal with a fish.


  1. Jack Schmitt says

    Sic the Hmong fishermen on them. They can empty a lake in minutes.

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