#springmapmadness pushes me over electoral threshold

Massachusetts, Delaware and South Dakota

BREAKING: At 10:48 a.m. on Tuesday, April 30, 2013, the United States Postal Service delivered to me the state maps of Kansas and Connecticut, bringing my collected total to 281 electoral votes and the Presidency of the United States.*

My Spring Map Madness campaign continues. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram for photos of the remaining maps as they arrive. I expect this will be an electoral rout not seen since Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Several people have sent me this Brainerd Dispatch story about a girl and her mom who made her prom dress out of maps. What do I think? Is it really necessary for me to answer that question? I think I’ve given context for a wide range of assumptions on matters such as this.

* Of Maps

Though I’ve always enjoyed the idea of Maine, Mississippi came to play with this very Faith Hill cover on their travel guide. Alaska, the country’s geographically largest and arguably most insane state, had a very subdued offering.

Here Connecticut surprised me. What is the porpoise of this cover shot? Hi-yo! And a Kansas native associate of mine said he knows for a fact that the Jayhawks must have bussed in this waterfall and foliage for the photo shoot. That was my suspicion from the start.
I requested the Massachusetts map the day before the Boston Marathon bombing. It still arrived within 12 days, beating their web site’s estimate and New York entirely.

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