You can haz Virginia Police Department

Before the internet they used to take all the stupid stuff that is on the internet and print it onto paper and then distribute this paper to readers using a vast network of 11-year-olds on bicycles.

Hold up. They still do this. This is still a thing. Only now the papers are distributed in a 1997 Buick Century by a man or woman who relies on your Christmas tip for food.

Anyway, the Mesabi Daily News has a front page story today about the Virginia, Minn., Police Department getting a Facebook page. Headline: “You can ‘like’ Virginia Police Department.”

This would have been better if it read “You can haz Virginia Police Department,” but we take progress as it happens, not as we want it to happen. Further, let’s just be glad they set up a fan page and not an individual account in which the VPD was out there trying to friend everyone. Because that could have happened.

You can like the page here. They’ve earned that link. It’s coming to them. You can also like my page, but whatever. You do what you want.


  1. The paper of record in da Cities had an even more ridiculous story yesterday: “Cheesy Garlic Bread Wins Lay’s Flavor Contest.” I guess that settles it!

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