Campaign seeks to name Duluth street after Telly Savalas

Who loves ya’ baby?

Did you know that Telly Savalas, best known as Kojak on 1970s and ’80s TV, once lived in Duluth, Minnesota? It’s totally true. And now a Facebook effort to get Duluth to name a street after the lollipop-loving character actor is underway.
When I was a small child I was left unattended in the living room with the television on. I liked the baseball game. But the baseball got rained out and they showed Kojak. Later I ran to tell my parents that I had just seen this totally awesome show called Kojak. They rolled their eyes. 
Flash forward. Years later. Idle time. Kojak comes on cable TV in the old apartment. 
It was the same exact episode. Kojak busts a foreign diplomat for abusing a kid and trying to get away on diplomatic immunity. The lollipop. The chase. The whole deal.
So I’ve seen Kojak twice, but it was the same episode. And I strongly support this effort to name a Duluth street after Telly Salvalas.

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