Dylan tickets moving fast, but not cheap

This Robin Washington column from Sunday’s Duluth News Tribune shows that the tickets for the July 9 Bob Dylan concert at Bayfront Park in downtown Duluth are selling well, but that some remain if you head down to the DECC to get them. He also raises an important point, something that concert-goers in Minnesota have begun to notice, the new power of scalping to immediately jack up the price of concert tickets. Because Bayfront is an outdoor venue, where variables like the weather are a factor, ticket prices haven’t gone completely insane.

Still I can’t believe the prices people are getting for tickets to big-name acts. I just won’t pay. I think you can find better shows for a lot less money.

Or free. Like the Great Northern Radio Show July 29 at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids. It’s pretty good. You know, for the money.

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