Great Northern Radio Show: Roe Family Singers

This week I’ll be talking up the featured guests for Saturday’s Great Northern Radio Show, broadcasting live from the Reif Center in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. MinnesotaBrown readers can still get free tickets by calling 218-327-5780 (seating at 4:30, live on Northern Community Radio at 5).

The Roe Family Singers.

Today we meet the Roe Family Singers.

Quillan and Kim Roe, along with their jug band friends, will join us to provide an Americana backbone to this show. The Roes are well known around Minnesota, where they’ve played just about every kind of venue you can imagine, large and small. They’re the two-time World Jug Band Champions, hold a house gig every Monday night at the 331 Club in Minneapolis, and have a regular variety show of their own on KFAI-Minneapolis. That makes this a big cross-over event in Minnesota’s independent public media universe.

I’m looking forward to working with them, and learning from them, as they’ve been doing a show like this a lot longer than I have.

Here they are singing “In the Pines” at a bar in Winona:


  1. You are so right about this being a huge cross over event. Seemed like A LOT of people at that Radio K thing at First Ave in January were there specifically for Actual Wolf. It really had the feel that the other bands that night were just opening for him. There are many RGC fans around the state, kinda makes sense.

    I’m not trying to be divisive or anything. However, there is huge anti-Current energy happening. That might mean something to the independent media universe.

    Hope it all goes well…

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