Land of the Loon arrives in Virginia, MN this weekend

This weekend brings Land of the Loon, a festival of arts, crafts, music and family events in Virginia, Minnesota. This Iron Range event kicks off a long summer of street dances, festivals and Fourth of July celebrations.

A few years ago we saw a magician set his goatee aflame while trying to eat fire at Land of the Loon. Looks like some good stuff this year, too. And by good, I mean some of it will be good and the rest will be good but in a way that you and I can’t predict.

People have been asking and YES, I will be posting a round-up of Iron Range fireworks, parades and street dances before the July 4 holiday, probably in a couple weeks. The Land of the Loon Parade this weekend begins at 9 a.m. Saturday.


  1. One year two of those drive in circles motorcycle guys smashed into each other during the parade. The best part wasn’t the moment of impact, though. I mean, The collision was pretty great. However, there was this epic moment prior to the crash when both guys realized they were on the same path.

    It was so funny. Suddenly each of them started to frantically try to move out of the way while simultaneously trying to determine which way the other guy would go. They both started doing that jerky left-right motion, then they hit each other.

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