Mills mulls 2014 run against Nolan in MN-8

Stu Rothenberg reports that Stewart Mills III, scion of the Mills Fleet Farm stores, is considering a run for Congress in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District. He would challenge U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN8) as a Republican.

Rothenberg spends considerable time talking about how good looking the 40-year-old CEO is, but I keep going back to the Fleet Farm angle. Do you know how many people have those free Fleet Farm t-shirts they used to give away at the State Fair? Well, the girl I had a crush on in junior high school had one. I do remember that.

Rothenberg considers the district safe for Nolan, unless Mills runs which he says would make the race more competitive. This is the first I’ve heard of a GOP candidate to run in 2014. It appears that former Rep. Chip Cravaack will not be returning for another run.

To be fair, and clear, the northern portion of the district is L & M Fleet Farm Country. I’ve never been in a Mills Fleet Farm.

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