Peeking into the boat house

My dad’s old boat is still in my garage. Reading what I wrote about it, I realize it’s now been there five years. The motor requires the kind of attention that I just can’t provide. But we reckon with it daily, what it is, what it was and what it could be — all very different things. On a good day it looks like this:

Bob Matson wrote me to tell me about his new book “What’s in Your Boat House? Amazing Stories of Nautical Archaeology.” It comes out this week.

Bob Matson is a veteran radio and television broadcast executive with many diverse talents and experiences. He served as an on-air personality as well as manager and sales manager of several radio and television stations in the Midwest. Bob later served as Executive Director of the North American Bear Center and host of The Bear Facts radio show. Today, he owns Matson Motors Marine & Small Engine Repair, specializing in vintage boat and outboard restorations. He is a columnist for The Timberjay Newspapers and Minnesota Moments Magazine, featuring vintage boats of the north.

When not feeding wild bears out of his hand, he carves wood fish and bears with his chain saw.

He is a member of the Antique Outboard Motor Club, Inc. and the Bob Speltz Land O Lakes Chapter of The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc.

Bob and his black Labrador, Walleye, live on a remote lake near Ely.

Take a look.

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