Running of the bulls in Zim

I was raised on a family-owned junkyard out in Zim, Minnesota, a tamarack marsh that provided refuge to Finnish immigrants blacklisted from early 20th Century iron mines for their labor organizing.

Sleepy old Zim doesn’t get much press, lessen you count the birds, but it did Sunday.


No, bulls.

Two buills have been running loose on Zim Road off and on. The Mesabi Daily News reported on the matter, including complaints to the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department — the only known law in Zim.

“I need to get them back in that bull corral,” [bull owner Larry Manninga] said.

Either that, or we could advertise to get thousands of young men to run ahead of the bulls in a vain attempt to prove their manhood and draw tourists to the region.

Of course, on Zim Road they’d be running for a long time.

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