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On Monday, July 1, Google will shut down its popular Google Reader service, an RSS reader that allowed you to read multiple blog feeds on one screen. This was the primary way that I and many other internet consumers read our favorite blogs every day. For years I’ve encouraged my readers to do the same and some of you are quite likely reading this post on a final bender of Google Reader glory.

Well, things change and we have to move on. I’d like to ask you to re-subscribe to this blog in whatever you’ve decided to use instead of Google Reader. (I’m trying Feedly right now, though I continue to shop for something as smooth and simple as Reader).

What would really help this blog build its readership is if you subscribed via e-mail. This option doesn’t rely on a third party and enshrines our special blogger/reader relationship. E-mail subscriptions help me quantify the size of my readership. I only send out one e-mail a day (in the evening) and only on days I post. I don’t send out any extra e-mails, don’t share my e-mail list with anyone, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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  1. I’ve got you bookmarked, but the sub readers on my phone at least, aren’t doing well.

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