Ain’t no party like a Range nerd party cause a Range nerd party don’t (PUNCH) (BLEEDING)

How did I miss this? On July 17, Northland’s Newscenter reported on the fact that Popular Science named the Soudan Underground Mine as its top travel destination for nerds. (Attention media nerds, Northland’s Newscenter is a conglomeration of several formerly autonomous TV network affiliates in the Duluth, MN market).

Feast your eyes on the story:

Naturally, I know personally two of the three people quoted, but I don’t know if that’s because I’m a nerd or because it’s the Range. Both factors are relevant here.

I’ve been on the Soudan mine tour, but have yet to see the neutrino lab. Sounds like I’ve got to get there soon. Nerds, after all, are leading indicators on hipsters. And once the hipsters arrive, forget about it. They’ll put a craft brewery down there and it’s lights out for everyone else, nerds included.

NOTE: I’ll have more on the coming nerd invasion in this week’s newspaper column.

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