Blinking thing tells you when you can run stop sign


St. Louis County in northeastern Minnesota is considering a new blinking sign for rural intersections that would warn motorists when a vehicle is approaching from the crossing highway. They’ve been testing the sign already. WDIO has the story.

He said about 25 percent of serious crashes in Saint Louis County happen at rural intersections with a two-way stop.

“That’s the whole point behind this project is to move Minnesota toward zero deaths,” Lund said.

The system works using flashing lights on the stop sign, but then a second vehicle approaching sign will flash if a car is coming into the intersection. Research showed drivers waited longer at the stop sign when the vehicle approaching sign was flashing.

People who use the intersection often seem to like the change.

“I think it’s great especially because I have a lot of kids,” driver Carina Simonson said. “Plus, my daughter just got her permit and she pays a lot of attention to that sign.”

Am I the only one who wonders that if these signs become universal you have a slam-bang tool to use when you’re in a hurry and want to run a light? I must be. That’s not normal. I welcome arguments to the contrary.

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