Catch the Grand Rapids ‘Great Northern’ podcast

The last Great Northern Radio Show broadcast live from the Reif Center in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, on June 29. And at last, we’ve got the podcast ready for you.

Great Northern Radio Show — Saturday, June 29, 2013 — Grand Rapids, MN

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A lot of people really seemed to like this one. We “sold out” the Reif, with more than 600 people in attendance. Indeed, it was a very strong musical broadcast with the Roe Family Singers, Actual Wolf, In Theory, Mary LaPlant and Sam Miltich. We’ve got comic musical appearances from The Simple Guys and Bill Lah and Cory Kolodji putting the long standing rivalry between Grand Rapids and the Iron Range to song.

Alia from In Theory

Guests included John Latimer, Steve Downing and Chris Quall Vinson, who all brought wonderful perspective to the interludes. Our stage director Shelly Hanson and sound effects man Scott Hanson shared a little vignette about their May wedding.

Actors included Jim Cagle, Bill Adamson, Katie Smith, Sharon Marty Rasmussen, Kelly Gustavsson and David Martin, whose turn as the “muscle zebra” was a show-stealer. As always, Nickolai Koivunen’s piano provides the soundtrack.

I had lots of writing help on this one, including my regular collaborator Matt Nelson and chip-ins from John Ramos, Shelly Hanson and Bill Lah.

I have to say a special thank you to associate producer Kelly Gustavsson, who has tended behind-the-scenes details since Day 1 of the show. She’s planning a move to L.A. to pursue a production career and this was her last show with us.

The Great Northern Radio Show is a production of Northern Community Radio. The show is made possible in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and underwriting support from the Iron Mining Association of Minnesota.

Pictures from our stage director Shelly Hanson are below the jump:


The Roe Family Singers, whose stomping Americana style was a huge hit with the audience.

Actual Wolf

Rachelle from In Theory

Iris from In Theory

Steve Downing’s essay about the Iron Range and Grand Rapids was, in essence, a thesis statement for the whole show.

This shot reminds me of that boyfriend board game that teen girls play. Do you draw Actual Wolf, Sam Miltich, or Jim Cagle in the middle there.

Alia from In Theory and Quillan from the Roe Family did a great hillbilly rendition of the Star Trek theme for a sketch.

Cory and Bill sing “Blandin Paper Company and U.S. Steel”

Chris Quall Vinson

John Latimer

Me in my summer suit.

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