Finnish American author debuts new mystery novel

Thought I’d highlight this recent release from North Star Press of St. Cloud. “Shadow Play” by Debbi Lampi follows a widow as she relocates her family to Rochester, Minnesota, only to encounter a dangerous woman from the asylum where she works.

Author Debbie Lampi is a Finnish American. In recent correspondence with her I learned her family was part of a Finnish American community in the Brooklyn borough of New York that later settled in a Finnish community up state called Lomala.

Living in northern Minnesota, where Finnish immigration was very heavy, it’s easy to imagine that all the Finns who came to America 100 years ago moved to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. But at least as many settled in the big cities and shared their unique culture there as much as they did here.

Lampi has since relocated to Minnesota to set about her writing career. Congrats on the book, Debbie!

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