Hey Hey, Iron Range, time for the St. Louis County Fair

The St. Louis County Fair is this week, starting Thursday and running through Sunday at the fairgrounds in Chisholm. This is the “northern” St. Louis County fair, and I apologize for neglecting to discuss the southern one last week. The “North” is the Iron Range fair, the larger of the two, and the one that I have the most experience with.

Some things don’t change. Thursday is senior citizen day. Friday is kids day. Saturday is the day most people go, also the rowdiest. Sunday is a partial day, marked by the noted fatigue of all involved.

They call the St. Louis County Fair the “Five Best Days of Summer,” a big claim for a region that relies on summer for preserving seasonal sanity throughout the year. They are often Pretty Good Days, but some people really go all out.

In past years I’ve written stories about the county fair to highlight this listing ranging from the startling self-awareness of a carnie to the philosophy gleaned from working the gates. I have had friends running for office working the fair and friends entering chickens in the fair. The St. Louis County Fair is an “all in” event, which is to say that if you’re wondering who really lives on the Iron Range — the efficiency apartment dweller, creatures of the basement hovel in the old part of town, the short shorts, the tats, the blue hair and bike helmets, well, they’ll be there.

Schedule? We’ve got it below the jump.


Here is the first page of the St. Louis County Fair schedule brochure:

Here is the second page of the St. Louis County Fair schedule brochure:

For a full sized version, go here.

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