‘Lark of Duluth’ crashes off Park Point

The Lark of Duluth replica / Duluth Aviation Institute

A project to replicate one of the first planes to fly over Duluth, Minnesota, in 1913 has taken a dip. This afternoon, the Lark of Duluth had a “mishap” in Lake Superior off of Park Point. The replica plane has been in the works for a long time, with hopes of it flying during a summer aviation festival. It had yet to reach a flight of more than a few seconds. Today, it had a minor crash and partially submerged. It’s been towed back to harbor and both co-pilots refused treatment for minor injuries. (Duluth News Tribune)

Further info here. Glad no one was hurt, but you have to feel for these folks who put in so much time on the airplane. Sounds like it was badly damaged.

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