This controversy is getting unBEARable

This is German bear propaganda. Source

During the last Great Northern Radio Show we did a sketch that John Ramos wrote about bears. Specifically it was about a bear who, realizing that there was a web cam in her den, started hosting a television program. It was a parody, of course, of the famous live video feed of real bears conducted by researcher Lynn Rogers. Good fun. But we had no idea how relevant it would become.

The very weekend this sketch aired, the Minnesota DNR announced it was pulling Rogers’ permit for the tracking collars and den cameras. A long appeals process continues to play out, culminating in a meeting last week between Rogers, the DNR commissioner and Gov. Mark Dayton.

Well, yesterday, the governor’s weekly press conference was stacked by bear people. That is, supporters of Rogers and his research mobbed the thing and peppered Dayton with bear questions.

This Doug Grow account of the event at MinnPost remains amusing to me upon several readings.


  1. Governor Dayton looks like he just had a BEARium enema.

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