Time to tell your northern MN story

A group from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design are spending the summer in residence in the city of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. It’s part of MCAD’s Greater Minnesota Arts Initiative (read more). Three artists are collecting stories — both face to face with people in northern Minnesota and online. They’re doing a contest of sorts to collect unusual stories from the area. Here’s what they’re looking for:

  • Tall tales you heard from childhood: ex. Jack the Horse
  • A weird story that happened to you as a child: ex. I was playing hide and go seek at my grandparents house and accidentally touched my grandpa’s hair in a closet and freaked out…. I never knew he was bald. (Audrey’s true story)
  • A story passed down through generations: ex. old bar fights up in Bovey.
  • A scary moment: ex. hitchhiking gone very wrong
  • A fragmented story from a friend, something cool you found, an adventure, something funny, something unbelievable, something your kids did/said, a bear/wildlife encounter, etc.

You can send them a Facebook message or e-mail the item to grandrapids@mcad.edu. They promise a unique prize of some sort, though I imagine the act of telling the story should be considered a prize in itself.

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