Unique story of underground mine radio show in Iowa

Photo / Martin Marietta Materials

A longtime reader from Iowa, Fred Borgen, shared this story of a radio broadcast from an underground mine located under, of all places, the cornfields of his home state. I hadn’t heard about any mines in Iowa until this, and now I’m deeply upset that I haven’t done a radio broadcast from the Soudan underground mine here on Minnesota’s Iron Range.

I don’t think we can get the Great Northern Radio Show down there (I can only theorize our engineer’s reaction), but something smaller scale? Oh, I think it’s more than possible.

If you’re interested, the Iowa mine in question is run by Martin Marietta Materials, a raw materials company that deals in all kinds of rocks for construction and fill with locations all over the country. On their website, they opine:

A strong national economy and excellent quality of life are built on a foundation of aggregates products.

There is no halfway in the public relations business, folks.

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