August prompts end-of-summer self-assessment

In random order, summer projects I’m officially giving up on:

  • Landscaping (next year)
  • Clearing weeds in the lake (next year)
  • Getting a dock (see transmission, below)
  • Staining the deck (fall maybe)
  • Writing a novel (don’t worry, never even started)

Summer projects I will complete:

  • Paying for the transmission (Oh ya, dere’s all kinda metal shavings in dere. Dat’s not good)
  • Doing my regular job (to be continued)
  • Keeping my children alive (so far, so good)
  • Writing a 800-word thing for a website no one’s heard of (a different one, not this website)
  • Moving my blog to a different server and redesigning it (stay tuned)
  • Losing 15 pounds (more to go, but the old pants fit)
  • Taking my wife to the Whistling Bird for our 13th anniversary

That’s a solid “B” summer, good enough to get into state college. Soon enough the fall semester will start and it’ll be time to do another radio show. I’ll start the novel after my next major emotional trauma. We’re aces. Now, to the syllabi.

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