I can’t believe we never saw the signs



About 100 acres of forest fires have burned this week in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. They are now mostly contained (though fire danger remains high in the BWCA) and weren’t especially bad given how dry the region has been lately. However, they have prompted the daily airing of this corresponding BWCA forest fires graphic on WDIO-TV showing the affected lakes, which have a dark, twisted double meaning when seen together.

As you can see, moving north you start with Disappointment. Eventually you get to Sedative, which is not a good place to go after Disappointment (but a common problem). Then you get to Knife, where the worst fires are.

Knife is very serious. I mean, it’s OK now. But Knife was a call for help.




  1. It seems odd that WDIO fails to mention that the Disappointment and Sedaative fires were very small and put out quickly.

    Disappointment Lake Fire: quarter acre, discovered 08/24/2013. Declared out on 08/27/2013.
    Sedative Lake Fire, north of Ima. three tenths acre, discovered 08/28/2013. Declared out 08/29/2013.

    Here is the USFS, Superior National Forest link for the fires:

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