Dylan sculpture in Duluth falls well short of goal

Last week, the Kickstarter project to fund the Bob Dylan sculpture in downtown Duluth fell well short of its $159,000 goal. Sculptor Tom Page, of Cohasset, is going back to the drawing board to consider a “Plan B” for bringing the image to life.

I honestly thought the project would draw more backing, what with its launch before well attended Dylan events in Duluth and Hibbing and the Bob Dylan concert at Bayfront last month. It seems like something that could or should be incorporated in a city parks plan or something.

Maybe the folks up in Hibbing should try for something like this, instead? Hmmm.

UPDATE: Sculptor Tom Page wrote me, expressing disappointment the project didn’t work out, but thanks for the support and acknowledgement he and his team did receive. He believes the project was made visible in this process and is considering ways to reinvigorate the time and effort invested so far.


  1. Just over a hundred people, pledging $15,000? Well short is quite an understatement. It’s a glimmer of hope for Duluthians.

    Why in the world would people contribute $160,000 to build a monument to a guy who’s worth 1,000 times that much? It’s not like contributors who understandably give to churches or synagogues where a deity is being honored. This guy is just another human.

    If put to a vote, changing the name of the Blatnik Bridge to the Dylan Bridge would be fitting, likely pass and cost you and me only a new brass nameplate. MnDOT could even ask Tom Page to make it out of bronze…

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