Hot mess go time

Flickr Creative Commons, Spinster Cardigan

Minnesota is not a place where the weather matches the arbitrary progression of the Roman Calendar. That’s why I am about to teach my first day of classes for the Fall Semester on a day where the heat index exceeds an average human’s IQ.

Yesterday was the same. I mowed the lawn, which might not have been wise but was necessary given the schedule I’ve got coming up. Me and heat stroke were like Bogey and Becall. Never closed the deal up front, but off camera — who knows?

I hope you’ve noticed the changes we’ve made here at MinnesotaBrown. You’ll see a couple more additions in coming days. My site now resides on new servers, uses a different blogging platform and has a mobile-responsive design. The goal here is to make this site more like the media sites people like to visit and less like a rambling blog that no one reads. We’ll see if my self-fulfilling prophecy pays off.

Check out the new navigation features and let me know if something doesn’t work for you. Now is a great time to subscribe to the blog and connect via social media. MinnesotaBrown is on the march.


  1. David Gray says

    Any chance of getting an RSS feed for comments? A lot of WordPress blogs have them.

    • It’s a plugin that I need to find. When I do I’ll add that feature. Thanks for the suggestion! The number of options available in my new Dashboard is both invigorating and overwhelming. 🙂

  2. David Gray says

    Isn’t WordPress great?

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