Ira Glass brings tour to Northland this weekend

iraglass0829_500pxLaReesa Sandretsky scored the “public radio nerd” coup of the week by getting this Aug. 29 Duluth News Tribune interview with Ira Glass of NPR’s “This American Life.”

Glass will be appearing at Big Top Chautauqua this Saturday, Aug. 31, in Bayfield, Wisconsin, the Lake Superior tourist town where the live tent radio show of the same name has broadcast for decades. He’ll be doing a 7:30 p.m. talk about public radio and storytelling at 7:30, tickets available here. Some friends saw him in Fargo last week and are still geeking out over it, though it helps to know about Glass and “This American Life” before you go. (That sentence is probably unnecessary, as I’m confident no one who hadn’t heard of Glass clicked through to read this far).

Glass explains his “This American Life,” now on the air for 20 years, this way:

The idea is that it’s a public radio show for people who don’t necessarily like public radio. The idea of the show is just a really dumb, old-fashioned one which is that it’s stories. It’s stories about everyday people and we just look for amazing stories that unfold like little movies for radio and the point is that you get caught up in the characters and you want to find out what happens and you are not listening because it will make you a better person or better citizen or better informed, but you just are listening because you want to see what is going to happen to these people and because it’s fun.


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