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It’s been quiet on the blog the last couple days for two reasons. One, the semester is about to start and I’m prepping classes for Monday. Two, perhaps more relevant to you, we are gearing up for a big change here at the blog this weekend. On Saturday, I’ll be moving this blog over to a Word Press powered server and implementing a new design that I think you’ll really like. 

The new MinnesotaBrown will look better, function better, load faster, work better on mobile devices, and have more resources for readers. My goal in 2014 is to poise this site to be a dominant site on Google for all things related to northern Minnesota news, culture and politics. It’s a small chunk of internet real estate, but I aim to serve it well.
The site will remain free, of course, but over the next few months I am planning to introduce some merchandise and e-books that A) I think you’ll enjoy, and B) will help me fund this endeavor.
My lovely bride Christina, the code-maven of Balsam Township, and my friend Matt Nelson, newly hired by the Washington Post as a web developer, will be helping me with the move. You should expect some connectivity issues with MinnesotaBrown on Saturday. We hope to have most of the features working by Sunday, and complete functionality by Monday morning.
I’ll be updating the MinnesotaBrown Facebook and Twitter pages with news about the move as it happens.


  1. Yipes, I’m way behind in reading your blog. I’d better hop to it. Well, supposedly, old stuff will move with you, right? OTOH, you are probably a couple of years behind in reading my two (somewhat) neglected blogs, so shy worry? BTW, I’ve always found the sign in process ti be much easier on blogspot.

  2. All old content and comments will move with the blog. Nothing on FB or Twitter will change. Subscriptions will stay the same. It will be a new mobile-friendly interface. I will be moderating comments, so you shouldn’t have to sign in.

    I must plead guilty. I’ve not been over to your blog(s) in a while. I need to get them in my reader because that is now where I do 90 percent of my web reading. Oh, if people have MB in their reader feed they probably won’t even notice a change.

  3. You’ll like WordPress. I use it for our township and it runs very sweetly. Good luck on the transition.

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