Vaudeville throwback show slated for two-week Range run

The Lyric Opera House in Virginia, Minnesota.  

The Lyric Center for the Arts in downtown Virginia, Minnesota, will be doing a Vaudeville throwback called “The Last Train to Winnipeg.” Set in Virginia of the 1920s, the show depicts a Vaudeville troop trying to catch the last train north.

“The Last Train to Winnipeg” runs midweek Tuesday, Aug. 12 through Thursday, Aug. 14, and on the following weekend Thursday, Aug. 20-Saturday, Aug. 22. Shows are at 7 p.m., cost $15 and take place at the Loft, 516 1/2 Chestnut Street in Virginia, MN. Find out more at the Lyric’s blog.

The Lyric Center for the Arts is an arts organization backing visual and performing arts in its Iron Range home of Virginia. Their long term goal is to renovate the old Lyric Opera House on Chestnut Street. It’s a big, expensive project, so they’re working in “stages.” Yes, that’s a pun because they are running something called the First Stage, their first performance space and now a small gallery in the former theater lobby. They perform plays now at the Loft, an upstairs theater next door. Their plan is to re-open the Lyric gradually, opening more of the opera house as funds are raised.

The Lyric crew likes to put together shows like this time to time, integrating the history of the Lyric Opera House into live shows. About 10 years ago I played Mae West’s agent in such a production. West played the Lyric in the 1920s, so the premise was “what if Mae West came back to Virginia in the ’60s … you know, just before she died.” So it was a more mature Mae West and her strapping young agent fending off the press in an alternate reality version of the Johnson Administration. In 2003. Good times. 

I have a not-so-secret ambition to host the Great Northern Radio Show at the Lyric as soon as it opens … date uncertain.

Anyway, this “Last Train to Winnipeg” is a whole different show. They’ve got a poster with more information, found below the jump:


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