Bigfoot says ‘Good for you’ to area fitness walkers


As a resident of Itasca County in northern Minnesota, the western edge of the Mesabi Iron Range, I am growing to appreciate the whimsy this northern county shows in comparison to its larger St. Louis County neighbor. Case in point: Spud, the Bigfoot (pictured here).

Get Fit Itasca commandeered this Bigfoot cut out from a recent art project and has been placing it randomly along the many walking and bike trails around the county. Folks who spot Bigfoot report their find for a chance to win prizes. The contest will go on until Sept. 15, with Bigfoot appearing in all corners of the county. (This week he is somewhere in northern Itasca Country).

The name “Spud” is borrowed lovingly from the Mayor of Grand Rapids, Dale “Spud” Adams.

I share this for two reasons: 1) It seems like a lot of fun, and 2) If you saw this on a trail in the middle of the woods and didn’t know know the context, you’d probably — rightfully — crap your pants.

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