New web project shares Minnesota election results

politics_mn.jpgFor those interested in Minnesota politics, a new offshoot of provides clear, visually appealing breakdowns of recent Minnesota election results by Congressional and legislative district.

You can find it here:

Sure, we can always go to the Secretary of State’s website to find specific Minnesota election results, but if you’ve ever tried to get a snapshot of a particular region’s political makeup you have to have intimate knowledge of a seemingly random collection of numbers and letters to navigate the district results. Not any more, thanks to

And sure, is a liberal-oriented website, but you’ll find that the blues and reds of Minnesota election results are not matters of opinion. This is a wonderful resource for political watchers of any stripe.

It’s interesting to observe that Minnesota’s political orientation is so deeply regional. I often feel that I’m driving through different states when I drive across Minnesota, and I think that’s reflected in the legislative maps. Having run a campaign in a district that contains big disparities in partisan voter activity across the district, I can see it on the micro level. What is it about land forms, population trends, cultural divisions that create our political leanings? I suppose that’s why, despite my frustration, I can’t seem to stop following (and occasionally participating in) politics.


  1. Aaron,

    With this single post, the in-link meter at Left.MN will be pegged for some time. We knew that Tony Petrangelo was up to something, and even Tony’s jaded colleagues were really impressed when it came out. And I agree with you that one of the most striking things to be found is the red/blue regionalism you’ve mentioned. You can read columns of figures by county, candidate, and party, but it jumps out when you see it pictorially.

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