DNR: Don’t feed the Park Point foxes

MBduluthFox 21 News reports that Minnesota DNR officials are warning residents of Park Point in Duluth not to feed the wild foxes that have taken up residence there. Not everyone likes the Park Point foxes. From the story:

DNR wildlife managers are receiving increasing numbers of calls from area residents concerned about habituated foxes approaching people and homes.

A city ordinance prohibits feeding deer and bears, but not other wildlife specifically.

Despite the absence of a city ban on feeding wild animals, wildlife managers advise against the practice.

“Feeding wildlife may appear harmless, but it leads to a number of problems for the animal and can create conflicts with your neighbors who may not be comfortable having wildlife close to their children, pets and homes,” said DNR assistant wildlife manager, Martha Minchak. “We’ve received complaints of nearly tame foxes stepping over people on the beach, and attempting to follow people into their homes. Some people enjoy the interaction, but others are quite upset by it.”

But there is an important voice missing from this discussion. What does the fox say?


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