‘Duck Dynasty’ trend blossoms in Iron Range towns

I was talking to a student the other day and she showed me a cell phone picture of her first grade son dressed up as Si from “Duck Dynasty” for a homecoming dress-up day at their school. I imagine several schools are trying that out this year.

“Duck Dynasty” is one of the biggest cultural fads out there right now, and the fact that it fits so seamlessly with contemporary Iron Range culture and fashion has made it even more popular here. Everyone wants unlimited license to be what we are, and so seldom do we receive it.

Case in point, according to a story in the Mesabi Daily News, the Virginia Community Foundation will hold its first-ever “Redneck Ball” from 5 p.m. to midnight at the Virginia Elks Club on Saturday, Nov. 1.
virginia found redneck

The idea is “not to make fun of rednecks,” but to celebrate with an “outdoorsy” theme, where the guys are encouraged to wear camouflage and the gals can “get dressed up,” similar to the intro of the show, [Virginia Community Foundation Executive Director Rachel Olivanti] said.

The Redneck Ball will include “redneck” appetizers, a family-style dinner, a disc jockey and dancing, a meat raffle, gun raffle, silent auction, along with a duck call contest and a big-screen video shooting range game.

There will also be a “Redneck Red Carpet,” a “Duck Dynasty” look-alike contest, and a best beard contest.

So, you know, a typical Iron Range Saturday night.


  1. And the dumbing down of America continues….

  2. Really, Trevor ? I find it appalling those who appeal to the lowest common denominator are winning more and more in America. It is demeaning … no matter how it is couched.
    What are “redneck” appetizers anyway ? I shudder to think….

  3. David Gray says

    Well the Robertsons worked their way from poverty to millionaire status prior to the show airing and they did it by inventing and selling a quality product.

    And they show every sign of being perceptive and interesting people.

    I think you have to be pretty low yourself to find that to be the lowest common denominator.

  4. Invented a “quality ” product? Apparently those who produced “Honey Boo Boo” did , also . What a goal to strive for.
    This is partially the result of accepting such bilge:

  5. David Gray says

    “Invented a “quality ” product?”

    Yes, they make excellent duck calls. You knew that right? You weren’t attacking people of whom you were grossly ignorant, right? You weren’t just showing how low the common denominator for commenters has fallen, right?

    Actually I’m afraid you had no clue. Rest assured, they’re better educated than you appear to be.

  6. Apparently the Robertson’s have figured out, and capitalized on “never underestimating the stupidity of the general public”. God and guns…undoubtedly a sure ticket for the reality show fans.

    • Then maybe instead of wasting your life commenting maybe do something like contribute to society and use your mouth to fight battles that need fighting like education, health reform, or the governments spending. Let kids have fun. Its just dress up.

      • I happen to be very involved in my community, and have been for years.
        I still think Duck Dynasty is not a flattering portrayal of the north country, but to each his own.

  7. David Gray says

    Apparently the Robertson’s have figured out, and capitalized on “never underestimating the stupidity of the general public”.

    I seriously doubt the Robertsons have given much thought to people like you.

  8. Oh, I definitely agree with your last statement , Mr. Gray.

  9. We spend a lot of time discussing ways for the area to regain a sense of community on this website. Aaron has been contemplating all different sorts of ideas lately, such as community gardens. Here we have something that gives people a shared sense of identity and common purpose. We have something that can apparently bridge the gap between young and old. Plus, it is innocent clean fun for people to share in and enjoy.

    It isn’t right for you to assume negative things about people, Jackie. You are pre-judging. Are you basing your opinions on a particular appearance, speech pattern, or lifestyle? Is it a culture you are discriminating against? You actually said “dumb” and “lowest common denominator” more than once. How is that all right?

    Most of Aaron’s post related to actual community members, and to the Virginia Community Foundation. Who are you to determine how dumb or low people are? Is Edward Abbey dumb? Does Edward Abbey appeal to the lowest common denominator?

    I thought it sounded like something that could help empower people. It sounds like all positives. How do you not see what your comments look like? Are you so much better than “those” people?

    • I am not familiar with Edward Abbey , and after a Google search, I don’t understand the connection to “Duck Dynasty”.
      I think Community Foundations do good work. I just happen to think the theme selected for this event is tacky . Sort of like having
      a “Dogpatch” celebration in West Virginia, IMO.
      I have to wonder how many of “those people ” will actually show up to join in the revelry. My guess is…..limited.

  10. David Gray says

    I have to wonder how many of “those people ” will actually show up to join in the revelry.

    You know given your relative lack of knowledge, understanding, and sophistication over time it leaves me wondering how you believe yourself to be in a position to disrespect “those people.”

  11. Dressing up like “rednecks” , etc. is not my idea of respect. And in my observations, those who are are being satirized/charcterized are usually not the primary participants. As far as gun lovers go (regardless of station), I do think THEY are nuts.

  12. michredset says

    Its all in good fun, you stuck up, left- wing, liberal fools! Take it from a REAL Southern “redneck” that just so happens to be attending this “mockery of a culture”ball. The nay-sayers are JEALOUS of the most resourceful, God fearing bunch left in this country. I scoff at your opinions of rednecks being the last common denominator. Well, look who’s calling the dumbest people on the planet kettle black! Its no wonder no one ever retires and moves to Northern Minnesota!

  13. David Gray says

    Its no wonder no one ever retires and moves to Northern Minnesota!

    Actually I retired and moved to northern Minnesota. Well back to at any rate.

  14. Bill Johnson says

    Out of all the posts ‘Duck Dynasty’ is the most commented about ? Never mind huge issues like job creation…

  15. David Gray says

    Job creation is important but discussing what sort of people we should be is not chopped liver.

  16. Well, I must say, old Phil has turned out to be a great role model . I wasn’t surprised.

  17. In an interview prior to the release of his autobiography, Phil Robertson said:

    “My message is to get human beings to love God, love their neighbor and for the life of me I just don’t see the downside of human beings not being so mean to one another and actually care for one another and not steal from one another and not murder each other for their tennis shoes. That’s the message I have.

    America and the world, we have a love problem. I’m trying to get people aware of that. A loving person is not going to pick up a spear or a knife because when the Ten Commandments were written it was before guns, and God was saying, ‘Look, quit murdering each other.’ Now I’m just trying to say, ‘Folks, let’s try to love one another no matter what the color of their skin.” Robertson is also pro-life and frequently speaks about the issue during public appearances.

    It’s understandable why Rangers respect Phil Robertson. (and why many city folk I’ve met are Ranger wannabes).
    Jackie…what’s your “message”?

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