Ely guide who bushwhacked Quetico, BWCA tells tale

Jason Zabokrtsky

Jason Zabokrtsky, a guide from the Iron Range town of Ely, emerges from the BWCA Friday, Oct. 25.

Jason Zabokrtsky emerged from an 80-plus-mile “bushwhack” of Quetico and the BWCA over the weekend. He’ll be doing a live chat with Minnesota Public Radio this morning describing his experience and taking questions.

The Ely guide and outfitter Zabokrtsky closed his field journal with this statement:

I am grateful for the spirit of adventure that lives on in Ely, Minnesota.  That spirit of adventure inspires people to take the path less traveled.  It shines through the example of Ely pioneers like Paul Schurke, Will Steger, and Tyler Fish who push the envelope of human endurance.  It shines through the example of our local guides, outfitters, and regular folk who share the secrets of the wilderness with guests from afar.  And, it shines through the example of advocates who speak for preservation and protection of this rare, natural treasure. We are blessed with the Boundary Waters at our back door, beckoning us to explore its beauty and mystery while learning more about ourselves with every paddle stroke or footstep.

Here Jason demonstrates one of the cold water swims he made on his journey across the wilderness:

I had been documenting Jason’s progress here. Several news organizations have picked up the story from the AP via the Duluth News Tribune.  MPR also reported.

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