Jerry Springer in Duluth: a tale of comedy, woe

Jerry_SpringerJerry Springer is coming to Duluth, Minnesota, on Saturday, Oct. 12 as host of “The Price is Right Live,” a stage version of the long-running TV show once hosted by Bob Barker, now Drew Carey. Springer is best known for his cable TV talk show in which tank-top wearing guests are known to throw chairs and hurl censored rants at people they don’t like for any number of reasons.

So, listen, you can go watch Jerry Springer in Duluth or not, that’s up to you. But when I saw this on the news last night my thoughts turned immediately to one of my favorite pieces ever heard on “This American Life.” In the segment “I’ve Got a Secret I’ve Been Hiding From You” in the 2004 episode “Leaving the Fold,” Alex Blumberg explores Springer’s comi-tragic biography. Springer was perhaps one of the most gifted Ohio politicians of his generation, only to see his reputation and public image slowly morph into that of a sensationalistic ringmaster on a show that represents the gritty underbelly of American culture.


The end of the story, around :28 to :34, continues to blow my mind, particularly the bootlegged copy of a Springer speech when he was considering a run for Senate. I wrote about it once before, but Springer’s personal story and metaphor at the conclusion of the speech gives me goosebumps to this day. Ultimately, Springer would not escape the money and fame that has come from a show that makes it impossible for him to be taken seriously. Great talent, tossed down a hole like so much furniture from the set.

And now you can see Jerry Springer in Duluth, Minnesota, hosting a traveling game show. Tickets are available for purchase.


  1. Marion Ruth says

    I totally disagree with you. You belittle Jerry for his show. What about the man! I am from Ohio and Jerry is still very active in Ohio politics. He donates money and speak on behalf of Democratic issues. I for one am happy to have such a dedicated man supporting the state 40 years later. He still hasn’t forgotten Ohio.

  2. Hi Marion – Wow, an Ohio comment. Thank you! And I hope I wasn’t belittling the man. I positively love his message and respect his background. But he is ensnared in a professional life that is far beneath his abilities. It’s tragic. I would hope he would quit doing this stuff and dedicate himself to a higher purpose. I think it’s in him. But he’s in his late 60s now and it’s possible he’ll never get to be the influence he could have been. That’s all I’m saying. Thanks again for the comment.

  3. Marion Ruth says

    Wow, a response! That is kind of you Aaron. You may be right that a man of his charisma and intelligience could have gone on to other things. Who knows the reasons. I just know that because of his fame and success, he is able to speak to liberal causes and support them with funds.

  4. I would rather host the Jerry Springer Show than be a politician any day.

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