MNDOT phasing out deer crossing signs

Greg Westphal, Creative CommonsThe AP is reporting that the Minnesota Department of Transportation is phasing out deer crossing signs and signs that say “Slow, Children at Play.” Research shows that no one pays attention to these signs and that they give people a false sense of security.

Speaking as someone who lives in the woods where there are between 2 and 100 deer on the roadsides every time I drive my car anywhere, and whose family hits a deer with a car on average once a year, I can tell you that the deer crossing signs are useless. Deer go wherever they want to go and their habits change with the conditions.

I’ll lament the loss of the Slow, Children at Play signs because they always read “Slow Children at Play” when I see them, and that’s moderately amusing. I guess we’re stuck with the normal signs to ignore: stops, yields and speed limits.

Meantime, this is a major political victory for the deer, who have long maintained that you can’t contain them with road crossing signs. This is the most successful silent protest movement conducted by deer since “The Great Garden Eat” of 2005.

UPDATE: I’m kicking myself for not including this comedy classic in the post. A lady calls in to a radio station thinking that deer crossing signs determine where deer cross the road:


  1. The next question to be answered though is whether or not they will then be selling those old signs and any in back-stock to the general public. Real deal signs make a great gift for the coming holidays!

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