PolyMet’s new ad seeks support amid controversy

range.jpgPolyMet Mining is up with a new ad in the Duluth, Minnesota, TV market entitled “PolyMet, Yes.” It’s part of a larger public relations campaign.

As you can see, Polymet’s new ad focuses on the products that would be made with the minerals PolyMet wants to mine. Structured around the word “Yes” the ad seeks to show how the products people want to buy require ores like these, which is why we, the viewers, should say “Yes” to the permits needed to mine those ores.

PolyMet was expecting the federal Environmental Impact Statement back from the involved agencies at the end of November, but the government shutdown will likely result in another delay. The EIS is the first stage in the next part of the process, the actual permitting of the project. Opposition groups warn of dangers to the Lake Superior watershed and the economic instability of mining. Supporters point to good paying jobs and revenue from the mining lands for the School Trust Fund.

I have confirmed that a permitted project in Hoyt Lakes will not, however, guarantee that a woman will say “Yes” to your marriage proposal. That is still a complicated, situational endeavor, much like the reality of permitting large new mines.

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