In which Rob Farnsworth challenges Dayton to debate

politics_mn.jpgHibbing special education teacher Rob Farnsworth, a Republican candidate for Minnesota governor, has challenged Gov. Mark Dayton (DFL) to a one-on-one debate.

One criticism of Farnsworth is that he opted to run for governor before running for local or state office. Yeah, he’s not doing much here to instill confidence that he’s ready for prime time. No one gets a debate with the incumbent before the opposition party’s primary is settled. That’s just how it is, in all situations. The press release is rather adorable.

Hibbing, Minnesota – October 16, 2013 – Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Farnsworth has challenged Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to a debate. He is awaiting the governor’s response.

“There are currently five other Republican candidates in the race,” Farnsworth, a special education teacher from Hibbing, said. “While there are differences between us, we all believe in the same basic conservative values. My real differences, my real concerns, are with Governor Dayton and his policies.”

“Governor Dayton has passed some of the largest tax increases in state history that will impact every one of us. In addition, he has taken great pains to talk about his ‘historic investments’ in education, but he increased spending in Health and Human Services significantly more. Is the investment in education, or is it in more giveaway programs?” Farnsworth continued, “I would look forward to the opportunity to debate him face-to-face on these issues.”

As a 15-year union member and the son of a 33-year union miner, Farnsworth contends that he is the only Republican candidate who can bring the votes to unseat Dayton, and thus, the logical choice to debate the governor this early in the campaign.

“Minnesota is a great state,” he says. “I grew up here.  I want to raise my children here.  But to ensure that our children enjoy the same high standard of living that we have been blessed with, we cannot continue the pattern of runaway, intrusive government that Mark Dayton promotes.  That’s why I’m running.  That’s why I welcome this debate. If the governor truly believes in the legislation that he has signed, then I see no reason for him not to accept this challenge.”

Copies of the debate request were sent to the governor via U.S. mail and as an emailed attachment to the governor’s chief of staff.

In today’s Hibbing Daily Tribune, Farnsworth comments that “it was worth a shot.”

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