Shut it down

politics_usa.jpgIf their logic weren’t so utterly outrageous and dangerous, I’d almost be impressed with the sheer audacity of House Republican talking points watching last night’s news coverage of the impending U.S. federal government shut down. This site endeavors not to drive into one-sided partisanship, but in this case I’m going to simply suggest that what we see now is not a tenable political situation for long if we intend to remain a functional country. Maybe we ought not to encourage government shutdowns as a bargaining tactic. It hurts the wrong people first. Rather than encouraging policy debate, shutdowns rely on fear and economic pain.

I tried to articulate some additional thoughts that would be relevant this morning, but I’m stuck on this “30 Rock” supercut:

Meantime, I have friends who can get health insurance now. GOOD!


  1. David Gray says

    Too bad the Democrats in the Senate this morning rejected a proposal to go to conference with the House and negotiate. If you don’t like this approach encourage your Democrat Senators to meet their requirements under the law and pass a budget each year. Then you don’t need a stream of CRs.

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