Amazing video of deer rescue from lake ice

WDIO reports on a deer rescue on the ice of Nichols Lake near Cotton. You’ve got to see this video:

Man rescues deer near Cotton

A man rescues a deer in his canoe on Nichols Lake near Cotton. PHOTO: via WDIO

The thin skim of ice over northern Minnesota lakes right now is thick enough to hold some weight, but highly dangerous. It’s common for deer (and people) to fall through this time of year. Unfortunately, it rarely turns out this well for those who do.

I just can’t get over how calm the deer seems sitting in the canoe during this rescue. The poor thing was exhausted from trying to fight her way out of the ice.

We heard a deer yelling near our house out in the woods of Itasca County the other day. At first we wondered if it was injured or caught in the ice, but after some consultation it was believed that the deer was just in the rut (hunting season is, after all, timed with mating season). They sound a little like sheep, but their voices are much more ominous.

One gets the sense that humans are not supposed to hear what deer say.

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