City, school, county races top Tuesday’s Duluth vote

Duluth newsNorthern Minnesota’s largest city, Duluth, holds city and school board elections Tuesday, along with a pair of school referendums. The Duluth vote has the potential of shifting these key boards on a variety of issues, so we’ll be watching closely. Duluth residents can find out how to vote here. Here are the candidates and questions. City Councilor at Large (2)

  • Ray (Skip) Sandman
  • Zack Filipovich
  • Ryan Stauber
  • Barb Russ

City Councilor District 2

  • Patrick Boyle

City Councilor District 4

  • Howie Hanson
  • Garry Krause (withdrawn, still on ballot)

School Board Member at Large (2)

  • Henry L. Banks
  • Annie Harala
  • Harry Welty
  • Nancy Nilsen

School Board Member District 1

  • Joseph Matthes
  • Rosie Loeffler-Kemp

School Board Member District 4

  • Art Johnston
  • David Bolgrien

There are two ballot school funding referendums in Duluth on Tuesday. The first would extend an existing levy for five years. The second is a new levy that would increase local property taxes. People have the option of supporting the first and opposing the second (or both, or neither, or whatever). We already talked about the county commissioner primary also on Tuesday’s ballot in Duluth. I’m also watching the school referendum in Hibbing for clues on how demographics might shape local politics. What are the hot races in your area?

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