Hear the Crosby Great Northern Radio Show!

Great Northern Radio Show

Producer/Writer/Host Aaron Brown and piano player Nickolai Koivunen at the Oct. 19, 2013 Great Northern Radio Show in Crosby. PHOTO: Charlie Pulkrabek

You might recall that we did another Great Northern Radio Show in October from Crosby-Ironton High School in Crosby, Minnesota. This fall edition of my quarterly traveling live broadcast variety program was a big success, something I didn’t want to talk about here until I knew when the rebroadcast date and podcast would be available.

You can listen or download the podcast here. (right click to save MP3)

You can hear the Great Northern Radio Show on Northern Community Radio this Sunday, Nov. 3, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Click here to find out how you can listen on the radio in northern Minnesota or online anywhere in the world). UPDATE: You can also listen Saturday, Nov. 16, on the same stations, 10 a.m. to noon.

I’ve also just been informed that you can hear the Great Northern Radio Show on 103.3 KUMD in Duluth on Thanksgiving from 10 a.m. to noon, providing the perfect soundtrack for your travels to grandma or grandpa’s house up north. Other stations may well pick up the show and I encourage you to contact your local public radio station and tell them about the low cost (free in Minnesota), high quality option of running the Great Northern Radio Show as replacement or special programming.

After the show airs this weekend you can find the downloadable podcast at the Great Northern Radio Show program page. Save it and load it into your iPod for the perfect road trip or afternoon chore soundtrack.

The Crosby show felt like a creative success to us, one of our best attempts to achieve our mission of funny, emotional, local programming. The people and stories of Crosby fit into a bigger narrative set to some fantastic music from performers in the Cuyuna Range region and from around the state (and world!)

Our next Great Northern Radio Show will be our holiday special Saturday, Dec. 14 at the Fosston Library Arts Center in Fosston, Minnesota, the furthest west we’ve ever gone. The headliner there will be Reina del Cid and the Cidizens, a Minneapolis-based act on the rise. Reina is from Fargo originally, “just a Mahnomen, an Ada and a jump” from Fosston.

Below are some pictures of the Crosby show, which should color in what you’ll hear in the broadcast:

Great Northern Radio Show

A view of the stage from the wings. PHOTO: Charlie Pulkrabek


Finnish folk duo Aallotar (Hibbing native Sara Pajunen and Helsinki, Finland’s Teija Niku) is a transatlantic collaboration. They’ll tour Europe this winter. PHOTO: Charlie Pulkrabek


Nancy Waller

Nancy Waller portrays Una the (talking?) St. Bernard who helped discover the Cuyuna Iron Range. PHOTO: Shelly Hanson


Great Northern Radio Players

Jon Bjorkquist, Britt Aamodt, C.J. Anderson and Erika Kooda perform a sketch in the Crosby show. PHOTO: Shelly Hanson

Faith Boblett

Faith Boblett and her band were among the Great Northern’s loudest acts ever. She has a promising career ahead of her. PHOTO: Charlie Pulkrabek

David Peterson

Crosby’s Dave Peterson brought some local charm, original music and banjo pickin’ to the show. PHOTO: Shelly Hanson

Erika Kooda

Erika Kooda performs as a racing turtle. She is also the Great Northern’s new associate producer. PHOTO: Shelly Hanson

Aaron Hautala

Author and Cuyuna Range bicycle enthusiast Aaron Hautala talks about mountain bikes and the Cuyuna’s bright future. PHOTO: Shelly Hanson


Pam Brunfelt

Historian Pam Brunfelt gave two wonderful monologues about Communist Crosby mayor Karl Nygard and the Milford Mine Disaster in the show. PHOTO: Shelly Hanson

Kryston Wiseley

Kryston Wiseley, senior at CI-HS, spoke about student service projects. PHOTO: Shelly Hanson


Annie and Theresa Goodwin

8th and 5th graders Annie and Theresa Goodwin played violin in the show and performed the Star Spangled Banner in the audience warm-up. PHOTO: Shelly Hanson

John and Emma Stokman and crew

CIHS Senior John Stokman played an original tune in the show with his kid sister Emma on piano. This shot also features a rare sighting of GNRS director “Shoeless” Shelly Hanson.

And finally:

Great Northern Radio Show

Your intrepid host in his most elaborately costumed Great Northern role yet, Snapper the post-apocalyptic Longville racing turtle. PHOTO: Shelly Hanson

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