Interactive Dylan video ‘channels’ new art concept

Bob Dylan interactive video

Among the channels synched to “Like a Rolling Stone” is one featuring Drew Carey and “The Price is Right.” Others include news, sports, cartoons, infomercials, “Pawn Stars” and podcaster Marc Maron.

Though it’s already been around the internet for a week or so, this new interactive Dylan video is a groundbreaking must watch. Bob Dylan’s classic song, “Like a Rolling Stone,” has been named by the magazine Rolling Stone as the most important rock ‘n’ roll song of all time (to be fair, the magazine drew its name from that song). “Like a Rolling Stone” was the song that merged the folk and rock worlds, and inspired an explosion of creativity and depth in popular music.

This new interactive Dylan video for “Like a Rolling Stone” on Bob Dylan’s website lets views flip through several channels while listening to the song. It gives the effect of seeing the song lyrics appearing in a wide variety of contexts, and a powerful symbol of how the song has become so iconic in culture. Really cool stuff.

Dylan was born in Duluth and raised in Hibbing on Minnesota’s Iron Range. I work with Dylan Days, an arts event that celebrates Bob’s birthday in Hibbing every year around his birthday. This year’s event is May 22-25, 2014.

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