Virginia Public Library celebrates centennial

Iron Range newsAs a teenager in the 1990s I spent untold hours in the Virginia Public Library in this Minnesota Iron Range city named for the ‘virgin queen’ of England.

Always at dusk. Night came early in the winter. My sister had dance classes downtown and I’d drive her in from Cherry after school. The big chairs upstairs. Check the videos downstairs; maybe something new today? Two-day rental; come back Wednesday. $1.25 for gas then. I could afford it; worked nights at the radio station. Checked out classics. History. Politics. Asked out the shy, pretty girl who worked the desk downstairs one time. Was late because I got in an accident with a platinum blond crying girl driving her dad’s car. The date never quite recovered from that. What happened to that girl? Or the other girl, for that matter? What happened to me?

I hope they’re alright. I think I’ll be OK.

Anyway, this item crossed my desk. The Virginia Public Library will hold a centennial gala on Thursday, Dec. 5. Maybe you’d like to go? Sounds cool.

Virginia Public Library Centennial Gala
Thursday, December 5, 2013
Holy Spirit Social Hall – 306 S. 2nd St, Virginia, MN
5 p.m. social … 6 p.m. dinner … 7 p.m. program
Cost: $15 per person. Pre-pay at the library by November 21.

Doug Ohman, photographer and author of Libraries of Minnesota, will share his photos and present on the history of the Virginia Public Library in the context of the history of libraries in Minnesota.

Virginia High School junior Tucker Nelson will present the newly updated History of Virginia Public Library and share the story of the time capsule under the cornerstone of the library.

Co-sponsored by the Friends of the Virginia Public Library, the Virginia Area Historical Society and the GFWC Virginia Study Club. Door prizes and books available for sale.

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