Forum Communication to buy Brainerd newspaper

Duluth newsForum Communication, the company that owns the Fargo Forum and Duluth News Tribune, has purchased the Brainerd newspaper, the Dispatch.

Forum has been expanding its reach into Minnesota after buying the DNT a couple years ago. Like most newspaper companies, it is known for cutting costs, striving for higher profits. It’s also known for stepping in to endorse conservative candidates in key elections.

Forum’s influence on the DNT has been a mixed bag for news coverage, as that paper pulled back dramatically in covering Iron Range communities and sports, while still pulling off impressive investigative pieces time to time.


  1. Interesting, perhaps the paper will migrate away from its historical left wing slant and I can talk my uncle into subscribing again. It seems like they’ve done a generally good job in Duluth but have oriented the paper towards being more of a city paper and less of a regional paper. To a degree that should benefit those papers still published on the Mesabi.

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