Grand Rapids’ Actual Wolf has top MN album of 2013


Actual Wolf

City Pages named Actual Wolf’s self-titled album one of the top 10 Minnesota albums of 2013. The Grand Rapids, MN, native is cutting new material in Nashville.

Grand Rapids, Minn., native Eric Pollard’s alter ego Actual Wolf was seen performing at a coffee shop in his western Iron Range hometown today, a jaunt home for the Duluth and Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter who is quickly moving up in the music world. Actual Wolf’s new self-titled album is out now and the Wolf is working on new material in Nashville for more upcoming releases.

I shared my thoughts on Actual Wolf’s music before our Grand Rapids show last summer.

Actual Wolf was listed first on City Pages’ list of the top 10 Minnesota albums of 2013. He’s performed some of these songs on my Great Northern Radio Show (he had a prominent role in our Brainerd and Grand Rapids shows). The consensus around town today was you’d better see Actual Wolf do these small shows now, because he’ll be doing bigger shows in years to come.

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