Insider tips on how to dress for cold

Cold sculpture

The sculpture “Legacy of Learners” by Gareth Andrews in front of Hibbing (Minn.) Community College at 12:50 p.m. on Dec. 9, 2013. Temperature: -4 (F)

This is how you dress for cold.

Dress warmly, in layers. Cover your skin. Wear snow pants or long underwear: both when it’s below -20. Seal the parts of your clothing that could open to the air (where mittens meet coat, scarf over the collar). Invest in good boots. Prioritize your warmth this way: Feet, head, hands, body, legs.

This takes an extra minute before you go outside, but it’s worth it. And you’ll be fine. Just fine. It will get warmer eventually. Time goes by. You get older, but all that doesn’t really matter much. It’s all been done. It’s all been lived. Everything is happening just as planned. We all have a role to play and the only sin is not playing our part to our best ability. The world turns over and so do we. Thoughts like this can only come from such unbearable cold. Be grateful to know the cold so that you may understand the value of warmth.

This is how you dress for cold.

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