NWS: Brainerd blast was likely a meteor strike

Midwestern meteor

This Iowa meteor was reported the night before the witness accounts of a Brainerd, MN, meteor. Bring Me the News

Windows and knickknacks rattled across the Brainerd area last Friday night. Then, an explosion. What was it? A meteorologist with the National Weather Service suspects the cause of a sonic boom and small blast near Brainerd late last week was probably a meteor.

Meteors are rare in these parts and, unless someone finds the small chunk of remaining space rock, this possible meteor strike might never be confirmed. But I thought you should know that as 2013 rolls to close, space debris is raining down on our region and could return at any moment. It’s never too late for a dinosaur-killer.


  1. Jon Phillips says

    It certainly was a meteor, I was driving from Crosby to Brainerd when it came from behind me. It lit the entire sky and everything up in an amazing blue/green light. I was driving past the airport when it happened and I could see clear across the runways and everywhere like it was day time. It was incredible, I didn’t even know what to thing was going on at first. Super Cool.

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