Hell’s Kitchen offers hot deal to Embarrass, MN

Hell's Kitchen

Popular Twin Cities hot spot Hell’s Kitchen offers free brunch to residents of Iron Range township of Embarrass, MN, widely considered icebox of the nation. PHOTO: City Pages

The cold weather across Minnesota dominated major headlines and local conversations today. The mere observation that northern Minnesota is as cold or colder than Mars is on track to be my biggest post of the season. But here’s a special deal for folks in Embarrass, MN, widely considered to be the coldest place in the lower 48.

City Pages reports that popular Twin Cities bar and restaurant Hell’s Kitchen is offering a free Saturday brunch to residents of Embarrass, MN. I don’t know how many people in Embarrass will be in a high hurry to run down to the Cities for a free brunch, but I’m confident the ones who would are among the readers this blog.


  1. It would be so much better if Hell’s Kitchen would deliver meals to people in Embarrass. Why should Embarrassites have to travel to the cities? Let Hell’s kitchen come find out what Heaven is all about!

  2. nancy radtke says

    Hoyt lakes is celebrating Cabin fever days that same wknd. Hoyt Lakes is located just over 20 miles away and we love food also. We will be starving after taking the polar plunge and playing boot hockey all day. Please HELP us

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