So, what is International Metallics Corp., anyway?

International Metallics Corp found here

Behold the office complex in Reston, Virginia, where one might find International Metallics Corp. They are on the 13th floor! I could not have made up a better floor for them to be on. PHOTO: IMC website

I caught this story in the Mesabi Daily News last weekend: Reston, Virginia-based International Metallics Corp. is apparently proposing some kind of direct-reduced iron plant in Superior, Wisconsin. The Douglas County Board of Directors and Superior Redevelopment Authority are working on some kind of deal to help make this happen. The Duluth News Tribune had a little more information here.

I find this very interesting because there was a direct-reduced iron plant proposed as part of Essar Steel Minnesota’s ongoing project in Nashwauk, Minnesota, here on northern Minnesota’s Iron Range. But the “value-added” portion of the project was dropped because of its enormous expense, and so now it’s just a taconite plant. (One that is still snagged in ongoing financing issues delaying its construction). So I don’t know what “International Metallics Corp.” is selling the people in Superior. The company is a development shell, which means they do not have the “billionish” dollars needed to build such a project.

But they are doing a study. They would draw on Iron Range ore and use existing transportation infrastructure. I swear I’m in the wrong business. From now on I’m the CEO of Very Important Metal Stuff. Give me your land and money, and, if it pleases me, I will bring Very Important Metal Stuff to your town.

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