PolyMet EIS public hearings start Thursday

The issue in this entire debate comes down to whether you're more excited about this picture, or the one at the bottom of this post. Some want both, but many fall on one side or the other.

The northern Minnesota copper-nickel mining debate comes down to whether you’re more excited about this picture, or the one at the bottom of this post. The debate is more cultural than political; more personal than professional. File Photo / Newton Lake, BWCAW

On a recent edition of TPT’s Almanac, supporters and opponents of a controversial new mining project in northern Minnesota took to the stage for a short, white-hot debate (second segment) that represents everything I hate about covering this issue. The more you dive into it, the more you find yourself in the morass of your own cultural beliefs and economic situation. And the more you realize that all this blather means little in whether or not the projects happen.

Nevertheless, the blathering is an important part of the political process, and it shall commence presently.

Three public comments hearings on the PolyMet EIS will take place in coming weeks. All start at 5 p.m. with an informal open house and then run formal comments from 6:45 to 10 p.m.

Jan. 16
Duluth Entertainment Convention Center
350 Harbor Dr, Duluth

Jan. 22
Mesabi East High School
601 N 1st St W, Aurora, Minn.

Jan. 28
St. Paul RiverCenter
175 West Kellogg Blvd, St. Paul

This has to do with the EIS document itself; not the final say on whether or not the permits are issued. So, people will have the chance to question or clarify the items in that EIS, including the assertion that up to 500 years of treatment will be needed after the closure of the mine.

PolyMet's proposed mine

Polymet’s projection of its mine by Year 11 of operation. IMAGE: Polymet

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