Area chickens unsuccessful

Vote Locally Laid Eggs

Northern Minnesota business Locally Laid eggs fell short in its bid for a free Super Bowl ad.

Late last year, northern Minnesota’s internet elite united for one purpose: get a free Super Bowl ad for a local chicken farm. We voted and voted and voted in the online poll put on by Intuit, who was springing to buy the expensive ad for a small business that uses its software.

Our northern Minnesota chickens were up against GoldieBlox, a gimmicky toy startup that makes pink and purple building toys for girls to empower them or something. GoldieBlox got into a fight with the Beastie Boys over song licensing. There was a backlash over their toys, which are a lot like regular blocks and building toys, except in marketing and the color pink. Anyway, Locally Laid Eggs had them beat, we figured, with an all-female workforce of hens named Lola.

How’d it turn out?

Goldieblox won. So, there you go. Locally Laid was the runner-up. They’ll get an ad on some sporting event later this year, but not a Super Bowl ad. Too bad. They’ve still got eggs, though. Fresh eggs.

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